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This flame has never been extinguished Sure enough, this rare 1999 Pokémon Fire-breathing Dragon card made headlines again. This card was sold for a high price of $220,574 at PSA's auction this Friday. The price so far is the highest price ever auctioned for "Pokémon" Fire Dragon. In Pokémon, this card is equivalent to Topps #311 Mitch Mantel in the sports world in 1952, O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky in 1979-80 or 1986-87 Fleer #57 Michael · Jordan. 1999 pokemon game#4 charizard-holo cem mt 1st edition psa 10 As a very representative basic set of the first edition in 1999, the fire-breathing dragon has a super high health value and a stronger attack power. In addition to Pikachu in the animation, the three representative three (Little Fire Dragon, Jenny Turtle, and Wonder Frog Seed) who first appeared in front of everyone should be the most popular one. The reason is actually very simple. Compared with the other two Pokémon, the little fire dragon has stronger output and looks more cute. Its final evolution type fire-breathing dragon is the image on the card mentioned today, not only has its strength increased. A lot of it, and the look is quite handsome. Today, this card has become the most popular card in the series with its powerful function parameters and iconic images. Although various versions are upgraded alternately, this 10-point base card of the first version of the fire-breathing dragon has always occupied a place in the card trend. Whenever we talk about Pokémon cards, the most representative card in our minds This is the basic card. Recently, this card attracted the attention of former rapper Logic and participated in bidding. Logic's song "1-800-273-8255" was nominated as Song of the Year at the 60th Grammy Awards in 2018. Since the title is "U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline," it has aroused people's attention to suicide rates. He previously retired as a rapper, but signed a seven-figure contract with Twitch earlier this year, which was their first exclusive partnership with a musician. Logic liked to collect Pokémon cards when he was a child. Recently, he posted on Instagram that he wanted to buy this card and also explained what it means to him. He wrote: "When I was a kid, I loved Pokémon for ten minutes, but then I couldn't afford these cards." "I remember I even tried to exchange food stamps for their cards. As an adult, I save every penny I earn so that I can enjoy the things I have liked since I was a kid. It's like I finally bought something I would never own. It has nothing to do with the price, but the satisfaction after completing the dream." The most recent sale of the card was in December 2019, when it was sold at an eBay auction for $36,110.54. Later, a set of PSA 10 1999 1st Edition Base Set cards (103 cards) was sold for $107,010 in September 2019. The price of this set of cards exceeds the 1999 Pokémon PSA 10 Super Secret Battle'No.1 Trainer'Holo promotional card that was sold for US$90,000 in July this year. The soaring price of this Base Set Charizard PSA 10 has attracted great attention from TCG players and card collectors. Nowadays, the team of Pokémon card collections is growing day by day. This kind of emotion that seems to have gained a playmate accompanies us. Thank you for having you, and I hope you will always be happy on this road~

火焰从未熄灭 果然,这张稀有的1999年神奇宝贝喷火龙卡再次成为头条新闻。 该卡在本周五的PSA拍卖会上以220,574美元的高价出售。迄今为止的价格是“神奇宝贝”火龙拍卖会上的最高价。 在神奇宝贝中,这张卡相当于1952年体育界的Topps#311 Mitch Mantel,1979-80年的O-Pee-Chee#18 Wayne Gretzky或1986-87 Fleer#57迈克尔·乔丹。 1999 Pokemon Game#4 Charizard-Holo Cem MT 1st Edition PSA 10 作为1999年第一版的非常有代表性的基本套装,喷火龙具有极高的健康价值和更强的攻击力。 除了动画中的皮卡丘外,最先出现在大家面前的三个代表人物三个(小火龙,珍妮·乌龟和神奇青蛙种子)应该是最受欢迎的一个。 原因实际上很简单。与其他两只神奇宝贝相比,这只小火龙输出功率更大,看起来更可爱。它的最终进化型喷火龙就是今天提到的卡片上的图像,不仅强度得到了提高。很多,外观也很帅。 如今,该卡凭借其强大的功能参数和标志性图像已成为该系列中最受欢迎的卡。 尽管各种版本都进行了交替升级,但第一版喷火龙的10点基本卡一直在卡趋势中占据一席之地。每当我们谈论神奇宝贝卡时,在我们脑海中最具代表性的卡就是基本卡。 最近,这张卡引起了前说唱歌手Logic的注意,并参与了竞标。 Logic的歌曲“ 1-800-273-8255”在2018年第60届格莱美颁奖典礼上被提名为年度歌曲。由于标题是“美国国家预防自杀生命线”,它引起了人们对自杀率的关注。 他曾以说唱歌手的身份退休,但今年初与Twitch签订了七位数的合同,这是他们与音乐家的首个独家合作伙伴关系。 逻辑喜欢小时候收集神奇宝贝卡。最近,他在Instagram上发布了他想购买此卡的信息,并向他解释了这意味着什么。 他写道:“小时候,我爱神奇宝贝十分钟,但后来我买不起这些卡片。” “我记得我什至尝试过用食物券兑换他们的卡。成年后,我会积save每一分钱,以便享受我小时候喜欢的东西。这就像我终于买了我永远不会拥有的东西与价格无关,而是完成梦想后的满足感。” 该卡的最新一次销售是在2019年12月,当时在eBay拍卖会上以36,110.54美元的价格出售。 后来,一套PSA 10 1999 1st Edition Base Set卡(103张卡)于2019年9月以107,010美元的价格售出。 这套卡的价格超过了1999年的神奇宝贝PSA 10超级秘密之战'No.1 Trainer'Holo促销卡,该促销卡于今年7月以90,000美元的价格售出。 线上买球app哪个好用这款基本版Charizard PSA 10的飞涨价格吸引了TCG玩家和纸牌收藏家的极大关注。 如今,Pokémon卡片收藏团队正在日益壮大。这种似乎已成为玩伴的情感伴随着我们。谢谢您的光临,希望您在这条路上永远快乐〜

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