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In the football night that just passed, Germany had a thrilling victory over Ukraine, Spain had a small victory over Switzerland, and the Apennines came to the news that Ronaldo had left Juventus after the end of the season. The world of football is so turbulent that Robinho's transfer seems extremely peaceful. The 36-year-old Brazilian veteran finally returned to Santos, the land of dreams, at the end of his career, giving people a sense of a world away.


He is the cyclist who Santos walked out of, and he is also a famous European football player who "does not enter the emperor" .


Santos out of the "New Bailey"


Santos has never lacked genius. In ancient times, this Brazilian giant owned the greatest player Pele in the history of Samba football. In the past ten years, they have trained Neymar for world football. At the beginning of the 21st century, people think of the name of Santos' Star of Hope, it would be the twin stars of Robinho and Diego.


Even if you are not a fan of the Brazilian team, you must have heard Robinho’s name. He joined the Santos youth academy at the age of 13, because of his talent, he was called the "New Pele" by the outside world, and his dazzling cycling makes people It's inevitable to be the darling with dizzying attention. At the age of 19, Robinho led his team to the Libertadores Cup final as Santos, and then used a single season 21 goals to help the team win the Brazilian championship.

即使您不喜欢巴西队,也一定听过Robinho的名字。由于才华横溢,他在13岁时加入了桑托斯青年学院,被外界誉为“新贝利”,他那令人眼花cycling乱的自行车使人们不可避免地成为令人眼花attention乱的宠儿。 19岁那年,罗宾尼奥(Robinho)以桑托斯(Santos)的身份带领球队闯进了解放者杯决赛,然后利用一个赛季的21个进球帮助球队赢得了巴西冠军。



At that time, even if it was an expedition away, the opponent's fans would not hesitate to give Robinho the applause, even if his seniority and immature mind, they could not stop the Brazilians' love for him. At the age of 20, Robinho asked Real Madrid to spend 24 million euros to acquire 60% of his ownership. For the fledgling genius, what awaits him seems to be a bright future.


From "Genius Boy" to "Single-handedly Not Entering the Emperor"


2005 was the year when Real Madrid implemented the superstar policy in full swing, but the Galaxy Battleship gave the No. 10 shirt to the new Brazilian "young player", which is enough to show the trust of the La Liga giants in Robinho. The Brazilian genius did show his talents that amazed the world, but his performance has never met the club's expectations of him. After the honeymoon period, Robinho began to complain that the team coach Capello didn't know enough about the Brazilian players, and the salary increase request has been rejected.


Over time, the "prodigy of heaven" who likes to use the media to build momentum has become a "team cancer", and a breakup has become inevitable. Therefore, in the summer of 2008, Robinho switched to Manchester City, the Premier League team with new capital. At that time, Blue Moon hoped to use the superstar policy to make a name for himself. Robinho could make a lot of money and gain the main position. This seems to be a win-win transfer, but it eventually became the starting point for the Brazilian's career decline.


Before joining Manchester City, although Robinho was not the core of Real Madrid, he was a recognized top player and the absolute main force of the Samba team. At the age of 24, he represented the national team in more than 50 games and was an absolute leader among players of his age. . After becoming a member of the Blue Moon as the Premier League standard king, Robinho did have a short-term highlight. He played a hat-trick in the game against Stoke and ranked among the Premier League goalscorers at the end of his debut season. fourth.

在加盟曼城之前,尽管罗比尼奥不是皇马的核心,但他还是公认的顶级球员和桑巴队的绝对主力军。在24岁时,他代表国家队参加了超过50场比赛,在他这一年龄段的球员中绝对领先。 。在成为英超联赛标准国王的蓝月亮成员之后,罗比尼奥确实有一个短期亮点。他在与斯托克(Stoke)的比赛中表现出帽子戏法,并在处子赛季结束时跻身英超进球者名单。第四。

However, the habitual promiscuity of South American players eventually became a stumbling block for Robinho. After applying for a leave unsuccessful, he forcibly returned to his country for a holiday. After returning, he suddenly found that the team had changed coaches. Mancini could not tolerate the Brazilian genius style. , And Manchester City’s superstar policy is also accelerating, Robinho is finally no longer a necessity. On the eve of the 2010 World Cup, Robinho applied to go to Santos to find status, and has not returned to Manchester City since.

然而,南美球员的惯常滥交最终成为罗比尼奥的绊脚石。在请假失败后,他被迫回国度假。回国后,他突然发现球队更换了教练。曼奇尼不能容忍巴西天才的风格。 ,而且曼彻斯特城的巨星政策也在加速发展,罗比尼奥终于不再是必需品。在2010年世界杯前夕,罗比尼奥(Robinho)申请前往桑托斯(Santos)寻求身份,此后一直未返回曼城。

The later story is clear to us. Robinho moved to Serie A giants AC Milan after the World Cup and followed the team to win the 2010/11 Serie A championship and the Italian Super Cup hosted by the Bird's Nest. Cyclists have left many wonderful goals at the San Siro Stadium, but more often they are frustrated when they do not score. From 29 games with 14 goals, 37 games with 9 goals, and 26 games with 2 goals, the trajectory of the genius has been irreversible.


After half a lifetime, I am no longer a teenager.


In the summer of 2014, Robinho, who was gradually abandoned by Milan, was loaned back to his home team, Santos. Although his homeland was constantly swapping the names of geniuses, his growing age and gradual exhaustion of talent made him once again hold hands and return to the past. . When the old cyclists were unable to fulfill their talents in Santos, Robinho, who was in his 30s, seemed to be an outcast in the football world.

2014年夏天,逐渐被米兰抛弃的罗比尼奥被借给他的主队桑托斯。尽管他的祖国一直在交换天才的名字,但他的年龄不断增长,人才逐渐枯竭,这使他再次握住了手,回到了过去。 。当老自行车手无法在桑托斯发挥才华时,当时30多岁的罗比尼奥(Robinho)似乎是足球界的流浪汉。

In 2015, Robinho moved to Guangzhou Evergrande. After leaving a trail of 3 goals in 9 games in the Super League, the Brazilian returned to his motherland again, but his team became Atletico Mineiro. This time, Robinho gradually recovered his state, but away from the center of the football world, the world gradually forgot his name in the passing time. From the Chinese Super League to the Brazilian Super League and then to the Turkish Super League, this is the trajectory of the cycling boy's career, but suddenly looking back, the boy is no longer young.

2015年,罗比尼奥搬到广州恒大。在中超联赛的9场比赛中留下3个进球买球可以在哪里买之后,巴西人再次回到了他的祖国,但他的球队成为了Atineico Mineiro。这次,罗比尼奥逐渐恢复了自己的状态,但是在远离足球世界的中心,这个世界在过去的时间里逐渐忘记了他的名字。从中国超级联赛到巴西超级联赛,再到土耳其超级联赛,这是骑自行车的男孩的职业发展轨迹,但突然回首,男孩不再年轻。

"No matter where you are, Santos is my home team forever." In the days of wandering away, Robinho mentioned his love for his mother team more than once. We don't need to doubt his true feelings. He is willing to accept 1,800 yuan. Monthly salary, as long as you can find a way home, that's enough. So on the day Robinho returned to his roots, the people who loved him greeted a grand remembrance. We have chased the young man whose talent had never been fulfilled. The bicycles he stepped on reflected the traces of youth that could not be released.


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